Our office integrates the services outlined below, although by no means is this listing complete. For services not provided by our staff, we refer to and coordinate with outside specialists.* When outside specialists are utilized, we typically attend meetings or review documents to assist clients in achieving their goals. Our experience is that well-informed clients act decisively and appropriately. One of our most important roles is to educate clients so they can make informed decisions and act in their own best interests.

Investment Planning

Private Placements

Separate Accounts

Structured Products

Deferred Compensation

Stock Options

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Retirement Planning

Life Style Sustainability

Cash Flow Management

Qualified Plans

Executive Benefits

IRA Plans

Non-Qualified Plans

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts & Gifts

Durable Powers

Trust Administration

Business Valuation

Family LP/LLC

Dynastic Trusts

Tax Preparation and Planning

Strategic Planning

Structured Products

Individuals 1040

Family Trusts 1041

Estate 706

Gift 709

Trustee Services

Dedicated Trust Officer

Custodial Services

Administrative Compliance

Bill Paying Services

Situs Selection

Portfolio Reporting

Assisting Children

Education Funding

Minor’s Accounts

Establishing Independence

First Home

Cash Flow Management

Stewardship of Resources

Assisting Parents

Resource Management

Independent Living

Care Facilities

Medical Assistance

Estate Planning

Transition of Control

Philanthropic Planning

Private Foundations

Charitable Trusts

Advised Funds

Compliance Reporting

Tax Preparation

Remainder & Lead Trusts

Private Banking

Customized Mortgages

Business Loans

Lines of Credit

Letters of Credit

Overseas Services

Personal Loans

Asset Protection

Incorporation LLC/LP

Succession Planning

Liquidity Planning

Buy/Sell Agreements

Offshore Strategies

Insurance Planning

Stewardship Consulting

Financial Education

Disreputable Vendor Protection

Life Style Decisions

Family Governance

Referrals to Advisors/ Caregivers

Inter-Generation Transitions

*We do not provide legal advice or sell any insurance products.