Welcome to our Website. Our site has been designed with the objective of providing prospective clients an overview of our practice and what it means to provide Family Office services.

Sullivan & Serwitz offers a multi-disciplinary approach to providing investment and financial counsel to its affluent clientele. Modeled after a traditional Family Office, we assist clients in the strategic integration of investment, estate, and retirement planning as well as asset protection techniques.

Serving a broad cross section of affluent families, our practice is small by design. Because our overriding responsibility is to those who have already entrusted their financial resources to our care, we willingly forgo growth opportunities that may detract from our ability to serve our existing clientele.  Careful client selection is an important element of our controlled growth objective of only six new clients each year.  We never expect to be among the biggest firms, but our intention to be among the best is not subject to compromise.  A complimentary introductory meeting is offered to all prospective clients meeting our minimum investment of $3,000,000.

As a fee-only firm, we do not derive any revenue from the sale of products. To best serve the diverse needs of our clients, we offer a variety of fee options. For a complete description of our various fee alternatives, please click here to view our disclosure document, ADV – Part II.